Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Riley turns 3!

This is the first year our little family has been together for Riley's birthday. First year Riley and I were in the states, and second year Elden was in Africa.  So we made sure we had a lot of fun this year.  Riley requested a Thomas cake. He loved it! (and it was super easy! I didn't know that blue velvet cake was a thing, but it is, and it made the perfect thomas cake!) I dyed some frosting green (saved a little to do brown for the tracks) and then kit kats for the tracks.

A few days later we drove to France to go to Disneyland Paris. We stayed one night in a pretty awesome hotel that had a pool with a pirate ship in it and two water slides.  We made sure we got there early enough so Riley could swim.  He and Elden went down the slide over and over and over for about 2 hours I think.  He slept very well that night!

Disneyland was cold, windy and rainy off and on. But Riley didn't mind! We had prepared for it so we were all bundled up. It seemed strange to be at Disneyland in hats, coats and gloves! 

I'm really glad Elden can stomach the rides that go around and around really fast!! 

He was a little afraid of Mickey.  Which is unfortunate since we waited over 45 minutes to meet him! 
So we ended up with a family picture instead.  
Riley LOVES having his picture taken.

Monday, October 12, 2015

This Year

A lot happened this year and I realized today the last time we posted was about christmas. 

Elden deployed to Africa the middle of January, so Riley and I took a Space-Available flight on a cargo plane with a friend to Washington state, we rented a car, dropped Erika off in Portland and drove down to my sister Penny's. We stayed in Oregon for a month and a half, and while we were there, Penny, Caylyn, Riley and I flew to Oahu for 10 days.  It was amazing!
Then at the end of February, we flew to Colorado to visit the grandparents. Riley celebrated his 2nd birthday on March 1st.

The giant tricycle that used to be my Granny's was a big hit! Riley would get anyone he could to take him on a ride. 

On our way back to Germany, we had to stay an extra day in Baltimore because the Space-A flight back was full, we got to spend the day with my good friend Rachel Young, and we went to the aquarium.

Every August in a town near us, is what's called Pigfest.  (if you care to know the history-here you go. http://www.mygermancity.com/wittlich )We go every year and ride the ferris wheel. This year Riley actually enjoyed it. We also took him on the pirate ship ride that just went up and down, but the video is too big. I've got to make it smaller and then I'll post it.

We have some friends the Cook's we travel around with occasionally, and after both the guys were back from deployments, we went to Cologne to the Lindt Chocolate Museum. Riley was super interested since he's related to me and LOVES chocolate!

Nate Photo bombing at the chocolate fountain where we got samples of the delicious chocolate.

We also went to Brussles with the Cook's to show them the chocolate factory we like, and then our favorite waffle place. This time, we also found the famous Manneken Pis...its famous because it's super old, and over the years people have donated clothes for it to be dressed in a few times a week.  Apparently the day we went was the naked day. 

The end of September Eldens Parents flew in for a visit. We let them rest for a day and then drove down to Rothenburg which is an old walled German village (with an awesome Christmas store).

The next day we drove another 3 hours to Garmish where we stayed for a few days.  I hurt my foot so I stayed at the resort for a massage and some alone time, while everyone else went to Neuschwanstein Castle.

They also went to Partnach Gorge.

After Garmisch, Elden and his parents went to Paris for a few days. 
And then Elden's dad had to go back to work, but Luraly stayed and looked after Riley for a week so Elden and I could go vacation in the Canary Islands.  We went to the island of Fuerteventura. Just FYI- it's not a tropical island. It's a desert island, like all dirt and rocks!!  Meaning, it's not Hawaii. My mistake! But the weather was 80 and sunny, so you really couldn't beat that for it being October!

We were able to find a nice sandy beach about a half hour away from our hotel since most of the beaches on the island had a lot of volcanic rocks all over which made it hard to get in the water and not very pretty to look at.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas and SNOW!

If you didn't know, BOO is his favorite game! 

We had our first ACTUAL snow yesterday.  It hasn't snowed much the entire time we've been here. Riley loved it!

He loved it so much, he didn't mind when Elden threw snow in his face! :) 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Pictures in Garmisch

We went to Garmisch (Bavaria) for Thanksgiving again this year, and had some pictures taken. Honestly, I was NOT happy with the family pictures (which makes me sad!), but he did get some good ones of Riley! And you can't beat the beautiful background of the Alps! 

We didn't do a whole lot while we were there because I was sick basically the entire time, but we were able to go walk through Partnach Gorge.  These pictures don't do it justice!! The water is almost clear blue and it was a nice little walk.  It has a path carved out of the rock with some areas you have to duck through.  Riley fell asleep on the way up, but coming back down he woke up and loved walking through all the tunnels. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Paris (Again) & Rachel's Visit

My old roomie from college came to visit us for 10 days and we took her to a few places here in Germany, Paris and Brussels.  It was fun, but exhausting!!